highlands trailer

Is it bigger than a breadbox?

de sola.barnes has a soft spot for trailers, so when the opportunity came out to renovate a friends trailer, they jumped in with enthusiasm. The 1970's trailer was converted from a standard compartmentalized mobile home into a live/work studio for a single woman. Oak panel cabinets, plastic partition walls and worn carpet were moved to create an open living space. 

At one end is the client's writing studio which as a built-in desk and shelving. The kitchen area was expanded to meet the clients cooking and baking needs using a mix of Ikea components and custom maple cabinetry. A media unit was designed for her jazz and fold record collection. The bathroom was reconfigured to be more spacsions and additional storage was created for the bedroom. A fresh color palette was also introduces. 

Outside, a ramp and deck were built to extend the living space and allow for views of the Pacific Ocean. 

"Who needs more than this?!" says the client. 


Location: Carmel Highlands, CA

Square Feet: 270

Year Completed: 2010

Builder: Mark Whistler

Photography: Daniela de Sola